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Where do you imagine the name behind the 2017 Ford Edge originates? Perhaps this new crossover SUV represents the forward edge of modern design, as it pushes trends in a progressive direction with its dynamic body lines, eye-catching front end, and posh interior layout. On the other hand, maybe it is the vehicle's exceptional performance capabilities that enable you to push your driving to the edge of where the lines meet between conventional transportation and thrilling entertainment. Also, given its affordable MSRP, Ford might have pushed this vehicle to the edge of how many features are possible to incorporate into an affordable SUV. No matter where the Edge's name originates, we at Nelson-Ford Lincoln have a pretty good idea of what the 2017 Ford Edge will do in the future: it will travel to your home in Fargo, North Dakota, from our dealership in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. We can, likewise, predict that you will find your ideal 2017 Edge model and trim level in our new inventory at Nelson-Ford Lincoln, considering that we have a complete lineup of new Ford Edge SUVs for sale or lease today!

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Design Features

The geographic area that we serve is diverse in many ways. We have dramatic changes in our weather year-round, from hot, green summers to white, snowy winters, and these seasonal variations affect the road conditions on which we drive. Having a vehicle with four-wheel drive as an available feature, like the 2017 Ford Edge does, thus ensures that no matter what nature does to the roads, your SUV will have the intelligent performance features to match. Another way North Dakota and Minnesota drivers are diverse, however, is regarding their senses of design. Some of our customers prefer the clean and basic look of an entry-level trim. Others like a touch of elegance and luxury in the designs of their vehicles. Still, other drivers want a crossover that is sporty and aggressive looking. However, thanks to its four unique trim levels, the new Ford Edge has aesthetic combinations to satisfy the tastes of numerous drivers in our area. Meanwhile, if technology is something you enjoy learning and using, as so many students in our region do, the 2017 Ford Edge has optional interior infotainment features available that tech-savvy drivers and passengers will relish.

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2017 Ford Edge Interior Driver's Seat and Dashboard

Driving Review

Advances in automotive technology and design have added entirely new layers of sophistication, sportiness, and intelligence to the crossover SUVs of the world, and these advances have made owning an SUV that much more fun. However, the heart of the SUV has always been its performance capabilities. Specifically, the ability of crossovers to travel comfortably on highways and suburban roads is appreciated for practical reasons, but it is off-road capabilities that separate the good SUVs from the elite ones. If you are wondering what category the new 2017 Ford Edge falls into, just bear in mind that this vehicle can have up to 350 horsepower, is front-wheel drive with an AWD option, and uses gas-pressurized, hydraulic shocks. In other words, if you can find an off-road trail, consider that fair game for your new Edge SUV. Meanwhile, if this Ford crossover model can perform impressively while driving on off-road terrains, just imagine how easily it will handle traveling over a few potholes or some challenging weather-related driving conditions on the streets of Fargo or Grand Fork.

2017 Ford Edge SUV Driving on Highway

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With the versatile performance to suit your needs as a driver in Fargo or Grand Fork, ND, and enough interior and exterior design options to satisfy a wide range of drivers' tastes, the 2017 Ford Edge has a lot to offer you. To test drive one of these exciting new Ford crossover SUVs, moreover, you simply need to visit Nelson-Ford Lincoln in Fergus Falls, MN. Our dealership has a huge selection of new Ford SUVs in stock in our new inventory. Meanwhile, you can get a good financing option for you to lease or get a loan on the 2017 Ford Edge through our finance center. Contact us today to arrange a test drive in a new Edge model, or you can use the button below to get driving directions. We hope to see you soon!

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