The Zombie 222 Electric 1968 Mustang is a Road-Ripping Monstrosity

The Ford Mustang will forever be an icon of muscular power that few can turn their noses up at... however, that doesn't mean people can't make it more powerful on their own! Take the Zombie 222 Electric 1968 Mustang for example; with two electric motors that kick out more than 800 horsepower and 1800 lb-ft of torque, you may blink and miss it! Take a look below to learn more about this automotive Frankenstein's Monster and try not to drool all over your keyboard:





We're more than a little sad to say that we'll never get something like the Zombie 222 Electric in our Fergus Falls, MN lineup, but that doesn't mean the current selection of new Ford models is any less incredible! Come on down to Nelson Auto Center Inc. today and explore the automotive excellence that awaits you with our friendly professionals at your side.

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