What does driving a Ford mean to you?

If you could choose just one word to describe how it feels to hit the pavement with your Ford, what would you choose? It's difficult, right? With a brand so iconic and multi-faceted, we're experiencing the same difficulty. Nelson Auto Center has far too many positive things to say about our driving experiences with Ford.


Describe how it feels behind the wheel of your Ford in one word. 📷: @nikkipilkenton13

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We'd love nothing more than to show you exactly what we mean…

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Chase the sun with the Ford Explorer

Just because Daylight Savings has stolen a few precious hours of sunlight from us doesn't mean you have to sit in the dark. Let the 2016 Ford Explorer brighten up your days and keep up the exciting adventures!

The 2016 Explorer comes with five all-new wheel designs, three new colors to choose from, a redesigned hood, a new liftgate, new t…

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Ford Earns Three "Hottest Vehicle" Awards at SEMA

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SEMA is one of our favorite auto shows here at Nelson Auto Center, as it allows automakers and tuners alike to let their hair down and give the fans what they want. It also allows automakers to show off just how much customizing buyers can do to their vehicles. Today, the 2015 SEMA show kicked off, and already the awards are rolling in for Ford.

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Evolution of the Ford F-150

How do we get inspired by our Ford trucks here at Nelson Auto Center Inc.? We think frequently about how far they've come. This includes the iconic Ford F-150, which underwent a revolutionary overhaul this year. After 67 years on the road, the popular Ford truck made the shift to a rust-alluding aluminum alloy body and steel frame, which improves the innovative model's power-to-weight ratio and overall efficiency.


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#FiestaStylista Joins Stylist Magazine in the UK

At Nelson Auto Center Inc., we know Ford is all about merging the worlds of fashion and technology, because the development of both depends heavily on creativity. In our latest attempt to encourage individuality and innovation, Ford is sponsoring the #FiestaStylista competition collaboratively with Stylist Magazine in the UK to find the next hottest stylist. The 2016 Ford Fiesta is the perfect model for any young professional pursuing a fast-paced career and lifestyle.

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The Future of Ford Technology is Bright

At Nelson Auto Center, one of the things we love about being a Ford dealership, is the company's fervent dedication to developing new technologies that enhance, and make safer, the car buying experience. For example, Ford is currently developing infrared sensors that can detect people and animals by their body heat signature. This is useful, because on unlit roads, head lights are good at helping you see what's in front of you, but they don't really illuminate the side of the road in an ideal way. When the new system detects a person, it shines an 

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Fixing Infotainment Woes with Ford SYNC 3

When it comes to great infotainment systems, our favorite American automaker definitely knows what they're doing. However, many drivers were unsatisfied with the performance of the MyFord Touch system, so Ford is fixing to alleviate those issues with the new SYNC 3 system that will be available on all 2016 model year vehicles! Thanks to improvements like faster performance, better voice recognition, larger fonts and buttons, and a cleaner and simpler interface, you'll be browsing music and apps with ease every time you climb inside. Check out the video below for more details:

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Get your hands dirty in the Ford Escape

Although summer has unfortunately begun to wind down, that doesn’t mean you can't still hop behind the wheel of your Ford and get a little muddy. There are still plenty of on and off road adventures to be had. Buckle up, get a little dirty and enjoy the ride in your Ford Escape.


Some days you just have to get a little muddy. #Ford #Escape #FordEscape #backroads #country #countrylife #summer

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Here at Nelson Auto Center, we know the 2016 Ford Escape is…

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